Kentucky and Illinois

I didn’t think I’d have time to see any more sights on our trip back, but I managed to hit a few more and take some pictures.

Paducah, Kentucky was memorable from it’s historic buildings downtown to the steam train that sits in front of their river port and all the painted murals along their flood wall depicting Paducah’s past.

Although Metropolis was founded in 1839, long before the creation of superman, the giant statue and daily planet office are giveaways that the town has embraced being the home of this fictional character.

Metropolis is also the home of Fort Massac state park which was originally called “Fort de L’Ascension” by the french who built the fort in 1737 during the French and indian wars.

We camped at Fern Lake in Paducah. The mountain scenery was gorgeous in Kentucky and Tennessee but the steep and sharp roads were sometimes scary. The most terrifying was the really narrow blue bridge with the metal floor that we took to go from Kentucky to Illinois. Never going over that again!

So this should be my last post until our next trip. We’ve really enjoyed seeing all the sights and I hope you did too.

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