Discovering Georgia

In Tifton, Georgia we found a mexican restaurant, “El Matate” where the booths and tables all looked like pieces of art. The food was delicious too.

Also in Tifton, we visited the Georgia Museum of Agriculture and historical village. It was a lot of fun and the people are super nice. So much to see and do that we spent several hours here.

The historical village at Georgia’s ag museum is called a living museum because people there are dressed in period clothes exhibiting things like blacksmithing, milling corn, printing, barrel making, etc. The guy who was doing blacksmithing made Brian a tool for flipping meat on a grill.

Next we traveled to Calhoun, Georgia to see a rock garden behind a church. It has several small castles and a coliseum made from little rocks.

We enjoyed our visit to the great state of Georgia. Now we’re headed back to Illinois and don’t have time for much sightseeing so I probably won’t post anything more until our next trip. I hope you’ve enjoyed our posts so far. Thanks for checking them out.

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