South Florida

Driving South, there’s no mistaking we are in Florida with all the palm trees everywhere. Miami seems to stretch on forever, but has a distinct flair like the big guitar along the highway which marks the Hard Rock cafe.

The Flamingo campground at Everglades National Park is very remote, but worth the drive. We camped along the beach and could see the Keys but the Everglades didn’t have crowds of people. There was some vintage campers at the campground, eco lodges, and people in tents but the numerous birds probably outnumbered us people. And although the temperatures in South Florida was in the 80’s, the ocean beaches blew steadily so it kept us cool and I had tons of fun flying my kite there. If you visit, just remember to fill your gas tank in Homestead since it’s the closest station, a mere hour and five minutes from the campground.

“Robert is Here” has become a landmark on the way to the Everglades. It started when Robert’s dad who was a farmer set up a coffee table on the side of the road with cucumbers, and erected a sign pointing in the direction of a small boy. “Robert Is Here,’’ said the sign. The year was 1959. Robert was 7. Robert’s still “here” but now he has a barn like building which sells fruit, handmade shakes and grilled food, plus they have an animal farm, antique tractors and more.

If you have never been on an airboat, I’d suggest putting it on your bucket list. We had a blast on the airboat ride we took. We sped along at about 35 mph, but was told the fastest air boats reach speeds of 180 mph. It still felt pretty fast, especially when our driver did spins. 🙂

We saw lots of alligators at the Florida alligator farm, and one of their workers demonstrated how to handle them. Not like I think I’ll need to know that. LOL. Oh and we tried fried alligator bites. I bet you can guess what that tastes like. ???

After the Everglades, we crossed the overseas highway and travelled to Key West to camp at Boyds on the beach. We watched beautiful sunsets, swam in the ocean, checked out the historical district, seen Hemingways house, ate cuban food, all while dealing with crowds of people. Not sure if if the Keys are always that crowded but even with the stunning ocean views, I wouldn’t want to live there if I had to deal with those crowds all the time.

We really enjoyed our travels in Southern Florida. Next, I’ll post our trip up the Eastern side of Florida to Lake Okachobee and St. Augustine.

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