We’re off. We’ve begun to travel around our nation and see the sights.

The 1st state we've been exploring is Missouri where we visited the Gateway Arch National Park and rode the North tram to the top to take in the views of St. Louis, then we travelled to Elephant Rocks State Park to admire some pretty impressive boulders, and afterwards we camped at Johnson Shut Ins where the Black River has to cascade over and around a bunch of volcanic rocks which makes the water form natural pools, chutes, slides, and waterfalls.

It wasn’t very far to visit this National Park, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis but we’d never gone there before and it was well worth seeing.

The Arch has a pretty nifty museum downstairs showcasing how St. Louis was the gateway to the west including items from when St. Louis was a trading post to when steamboat traffic plied the river.

The ride to the top is a bit scary with all the creaks and jerks of the tram car but the view of the city is worth it.

One of the ways we’re keeping track of our progress visiting the national parks is with this scratch off map in our camper. With the Gateway Arch off our bucket list, we’ve now seen five national parks and we only have 57 remaining, but that’s besides all the other parks and attractions we want to check out.

Loved some of the scenic vistas in Missouri and we were thrilled to see that the grass and trees here are starting to turn green.

These huge boulders or “elephant rocks” have an ancient look, like they’ve stood the test of time. If they could talk, the stories they might tell.

The Johnson Shut Ins was beautiful. In the summer, visitors can swim here and slide down the chutes so I’ve decided I want to come back to play in this natural water park.

We leave Missouri tomorrow. Our next stop is Jonesboro, Arkansas. If you have suggestions of things we should see in Arkansas, comment and let us know.

3 thoughts on “We’re off. We’ve begun to travel around our nation and see the sights.

  1. So glad you came to Jonesboro and we were able to spend time with you!!!! We love you and please be careful and have fun!!!


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