Preparing to hit the road and live in 200 sq. feet of space

Now that we’ve sold our house and are going from living in 2200 foot of space to the 200 ft in our camper, we’ve had to get rid of a ton of things. Our local thrift store is probably thrilled with us. 

We’ve tried to organize our camper and use compact storage solutions as much as possible.

 These are some of the storage solutions I’ve come up with.

In a handy spot by our camper door, we have Velcroed two organizers to the back of our booth seating where we keep things like shoes, flashlights and bug spray.

I’ve used a ton of shoeboxes since they fit in most spaces. I have one for our medicine, office supplies, first aid, soap & shampoo, spices and a ton of other things. My philosophy has become if it all doesn’t fit in a shoebox, I have too much.

A shoebox doesn’t hold a lot of spices, but there’s enough room for our favorites.

Another storage solution has to been to hang things. We’ve installed hooks, magnet strips, and holders to hang our hand towels, our broom, and some utensils.

These magnet strips are installed beneath my top cabinets so I can tuck my knifes underneath them

I also use baskets to store things like these washcloths. Baskets are durable enough they won’t break if they fall off counters while we travel down the road.

With doing all of this preparation, I think we’ll have everything we need, and can still move around easily without a lot of clutter. Have you ever had to come up with storage solutions to reduce clutter? Do you have any ideas to share? Comment and let me know.

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