On the Roads Again


As we move to the next chapter of our lives, living in our
camper travelling all around the US, I’ve decided to share
our journey with you by writing posts in this blog each
week when we have service. We hope you enjoy our site
and if you do, drop us a line.

We’re looking forward to seeing as much of our great country as we can! If you have a suggestion on somewhere we should go or something we should see, let us know!

Newest blog post:

Kentucky and Illinois

I didn’t think I’d have time to see any more sights on our trip back, but I managed to hit a few more and take some pictures. Paducah, Kentucky was memorable from it’s historic buildings downtown to the steam train that sits in front of their river port and all the painted murals along theirContinue reading “Kentucky and Illinois”

Discovering Georgia

In Tifton, Georgia we found a mexican restaurant, “El Matate” where the booths and tables all looked like pieces of art. The food was delicious too. Also in Tifton, we visited the Georgia Museum of Agriculture and historical village. It was a lot of fun and the people are super nice. So much to seeContinue reading “Discovering Georgia”

Eastern Florida

As we went up the Eastern side of Florida, we stopped at South Bay to camp along a channel of Florida’s largest lake, Lake Okachobee. We must have driven alongside the lake for at least an hour. It is huge! Our campground warned us to be cautious of alligators and snakes. I didn’t see themContinue reading “Eastern Florida”